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Managing partner of ESQUIRES law firm Oleksandr Shkelebey spoke at the 1st Session of the II Judicial Forum of the Ukrainian Bar Association, dedicated to the new philosophy of justice in action

Alexander spoke about the challenges and opportunities of the advocacy under the conditions of the renewed Supreme Court, covered the issue of the workload of the Supreme Court, the effectiveness of the administration of justice in the form of a procedural treatment and types of legal proceedings, shared with judges and attorneys the problems that an attorney faces when applies to the Supreme Court.

On his speech Oleksandr Shkelebey emphasized on issues which solution will make legal proceedings and access to it more effective, in particular, specification of valuation concepts, issues of confirmation of attorney’s powers and determination of the criteria for the priority of scheduling of cases for hearing.

During the event, attorneys and judges discussed current issues of the current state and prospects of the court system of Ukraine, shared their views on the results of the judicial reform.

The II Judicial Forum of the Ukrainian Bar Association became a large-scale event and met all the expectations of the participants.

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