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  • For active companies - development support 17 hours per month We know the needs of the business and are happy to help the captain to stay at the helm


  • For creative teams - keep things in order 24 hours per month We optimize time and save funds quickly Professionally and legally verified solutions


  • For serious business -- work like a charm 35 hours per month A partner for your business with long-term experience of positive solving of complex legal problems

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  • For entrepreneurs – we will save time
  • ? hours per month
  • We are ready to offer an individual product
  • which will consider all your suggestions and interests

The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today - Esquires, inspired by Roosevelt

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Proactive, efficient and professional team that quickly solves legal issues


ESQUIRES attorneys mastered the art of solving highly complex disputes using non-standard approaches.


We explain complicated legal situations in simple terms and help people and entities achieve their goals in the legal environment.

High quality

The client’s result is our reputation. We create our own unique practice of dispute resolution, taking into account current developments in legal proceedings and acting in in line with law.

Synergistic approach

We guarantee each client an exceptional service and a clear understanding of possible effective means to protect rights.

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