Corporate training:

Current realia of search

Preparation for a possible search of employees and premises!

Successfully run business in Ukraine? Work within the law and believe that the search is not going happen to you?

Statistics show that each year the number of searches only increases, and practice shows that businesses tend to underestimate both the possibility of a search and its negative consequences!


Why is a search dangerous?

– Damage to property (when opening doors, safes, storage)
– Seizure of personal property of managers or employees (money, gadgets)
– Theft of property (seizure without entering into the protocol)
– Seizure of property and documents necessary for work
– Tossing undesirable things or documents (for example, removed from circulation), making “bookmarks”
– Failure to record all seized documents into the protocol (depriving you of evidence of their seizure)

During the training, you will learn:

– How to predict a possible search?
– Law enforcement agencies and business: forms of “interaction”
– How to prepare management, personnel, premises for a search?
– How to return the property seized during the search?
– How to determine whether a search is legal, whether it is worth opening the doors to law enforcement officers?
– What rights do you have during a search, and what rights do law enforcement officers have?
– Can they conduct a search in your office / home in your absence?
– How to restore the reputation, which has been shadowed by the search?

The intensity of negative consequences of a search depends on the level of your company’s readiness for it!
The training is elaborated for company employees, management and business owners.
Duration: 4:00 (with breaks)

– in the office of your company
– at the Esquires’ office

Why Choose Us?

Proactive, efficient and professional team that quickly solves legal issues


– years we have been protecting the business of our clients more than 10
– we assisted dozens of leading Ukrainian companies with effective preparation for searches and inspections
– experience of participating in hundreds of searches both on the side of the prosecution and on the side of the business


You can access following functions:
– “Rapid Response Group” (24/7/365) – guaranteed urgent departure of experienced lawyers for searches
– professional legal support of searches
– appeal against the actions of law enforcement agencies and the return of seized property after a search


– the training program is adapted to your company
– each participant of the training receives materials with tactics and tips


– answers to any topical issues during and after the training
– providing advice on improving your particular office
– handouts
– a checklist with a plan of action during a search

  • Уровень отрицательных последствий от обыска зависит от степени готовности вашей компании к нему. Подготовить следует и сотрудников и помещения. Работники должны знать свои права, пределы дозволенного и алгоритм эффективных действий.

  • Make arrangement with a lawyer who will be able to arrive beforehand. It’s too late to start looking for a lawyer when law enforcement officers are already by the door. Especially if searches are carried out simultaneously at several addresses (offices, production and warehouse premises, flats of key officials, in particular, of the head and chief accountant).

  • First of all, check: a) the date of issue of a Ruling (its validity period is 1 month); b) the address of the premises in which the permit for the search was served; c) the person who has been granted the right to conduct a search (check the documents of the investigator or prosecutor, whether they are empowered to carry out the search)

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