Judicial forum “Trias Politica: Court in the Branch System”

Judicial forum “Trias Politica: Court in the Branch System” 150 150 Esquires

Othe 4th October, ESQUIRES Managing Partner Oleksandr Shkelebey and Operations Manager of EU-Justice Project Inna Lineva moderated a session on the implementation of procedural legislation in Ukraine in the judicial forum “Trias Politica: Court in the Branch System”.

In cooperation with participants of forum Bert Maan, Roxolana Kostur, Andrei Potapenko and Vasily Krat moderators discussed a number of important issues:

– analysis of the implementation of the Civil and Economic Procedural Codes on the basis of an expert polling of the EU Law-Justice Project, and

recommendations on the results of the monitoring;

– the appliance of cassation filters in the practice of the Supreme Court;

– the appliance by the courts of an effective way of protecting the invasioned rights.

See the broadcast of the forum and the discussed  by experts issused at the link:

«Trias Politica Trial Forum: Court in the System of Power Branches»

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