Prohibitions for drivers during quarantine

Prohibitions for drivers during quarantine 150 150 Esquires

The quarantine introduced by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine influenced the daily life of Ukrainians. The motorists are also undergoing changes.

The notorious resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine №211 and a number of other legislative acts introduced restrictions that apply to drivers of their cars.

For today it is forbidden:

• to move by car for more than 2 adults, with the exception of accompaniment of children under the age of 14 years (general requirement, clause 2, of resolution of CMU No. 211)
• for persons, who must to be isolated and has declared the impossibility of providing care for them by other people during the period of self-isolation, it is forbidden to use the car at a distance of more than 2 km from thair house (you can use it to visit places of trade of food, hygiene products, medicines, medical devices);
• drive into settlements recognized as the COVID-19 outbreak center (relevant decisions are made by local councils and such settlements are restricted by checkpoints)
• to re-register used cars (unfortunately, the remote service of the car owner re-registration of does not work yet).

Advises for quarantine:
• there is no requirement to stay in a car in a mask (but it is better to wear it if you get out of the car, regardless of who is nearby and where you are (it will save your time in disputes with the police).
• the requirement not to move by car in groups bigger than 2 adults applies to taxis;
• the requirement for the passengers transportation by only by passenger car applies to even for taxis, so it’s better to check what is indicated in the registration document of your vehicle;
• a driver’s license is sufficient to confirm your identity (fulfilling the requirement to leave the house only with an identity document);
• visit gas stations, service stations, car washes (self-service) only using masks and in compliance with the requirements of sanitary and anti-epidemic measures;
• if your driver’s license has expired or you need a replacement of driver’s license, apply for the corresponding services online, there are even video lessons from the Main Service Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine (driver’s license replacement, driver license exchange) the electronic certificate is uploaded to the Action application within 24 hours, and the original can be obtained at the nearest and convenient for you service center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs after or during quarantine.

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