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Millions of workers around the world are already taking advantage of remote work. Although companies in the IT industry are considered to be leaders in the production of new strategic decisions, more and more consulting workers prefer to work remotely, because creative and complex work requires significant concentration. At the same time, in the era of technological progress, it has never been so easy to work on projects and to be in touch with colleagues from all over the world.

From a regulatory perspective, remote work has nothing to do with labor law. Freelance has the features of a civil law contract, according to which the customer, for example, on the basis of an oral agreement or electronic correspondence, submits an order to the executor. Correspondingly, the freelancer, working remotely, cannot claim social protection or guarantees for employees, such as vacation or sick leave. However, more and more lawyers, especially young lawyers, in addition to basic salary, tend to additional income as a freelancer. Other factors that motivate lawyers to work remotely are: the ability to work autonomously, the desire for personal development beyond what is called a “traditional successful career,” the ability to work on personal projects, the reluctance to adapt to someone else’s schedule and be the part of a corporate structure. As a rule, such lawyers are involved in drafting legal documents: statements of claim, complaints, civil law, labor contracts, protocols, title documents of legal entities, etc. The lawyer frequently is “in house”, having worked for a long time at the enterprise, after a certain period of time becomes a freelancer who is involved in supporting the activities of such a company and representing management interests. As experience shows, such a freelance adviser is engaged in compliance with the terms of contracts in the relations of the company with its counterparties, as well as issues of taxation, enterprise restructuring and business protection.

Even 10 years ago, remote work for lawyers was more a myth than a reality, but in the era of globalization, freelance becomes a convenient and effective tool for the development of the legal business as a whole.

Vita Shkaraputa

Senior lawyer


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