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In Kiev a company of boys shot an experiment with kidnapping at public transport stops. In most cases,the reaction of witnesses was passive, indifferent. The involvement of a fake “conscious citizen” was the only mean that inspired people to help others. Someone  called the police, that  detained not real kidnappers.

Partner of ESQUIRES law firm, attorney Opanas Karlin commented on the 1 + 1 channel the consequences of such a kidnapping.

This kind of prank provokes society to a certain useful behavior, studies the reaction and reveals trends. If the results are disappointing, their further demonstration to the general public helps to develop the right patterns of behavior in society. Such prankers encourage everyone to be indifferent: to help your neighbor, call the police, R-E-A-C-T, not to stay away. The civil society requires exactly that social position.

But all good beginning has its limit.

Prank has to stimulate socially useful behavior, but not illegal or immoral. It does not have to provoke humiliation, anger or panic. It is not always possible to accurately predict the boundaries and nature of a society’s reaction to a trick. Currently there are lots of people whose perception of reality may differ from ordinary due to, for instance,direct participation in hostilities. Therefore, if the property or life or health of citizens are harmed as a result of an unpredictable reaction, prankers will have to bear responsibility.

Also, prank does not have to result in unreasonable distraction of law enforcement agencies from their activities. Such actions can be cause to administrative (Article 183 of the Code of Administrative Offenses) or criminal liability (Article 259 of the Criminal Code).

Opanas noted that in accordance with the current legislation in this particular situation (with a feigned kidnapping) no one should be held responsible. But in order not to  distract police officers and other law enforcement agencies in vain, it would be good for prankers to plan joint activities with police officers in advance, these actions would contribute to the public good.

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